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If you have two or more chronic conditions, enrolling in a care management program can reduce the risk of complications and improve your quality of life. At Maniya Health, our team of primary care providers offers a chronic care management program with specially trained care managers — Maniya Health VIP — to people living with two or more chronic illnesses. To learn more about the program, schedule an appointment in  Hamilton or Robbinsville, New Jersey, by calling the office or clicking the online booking feature today.

Care Management Q & A

What is care management?

Care management is a specialty program the team at Maniya Health offers to people living with two or more chronic medical conditions. Specifically, the care management program, called Maniya Health VIP, provides access to a personal healthcare assistant who coordinates medical care and educates you on the importance of healthy living.

By enrolling in the chronic care management program at Maniya Health, it’s possible to improve your health, reduce uncomfortable symptoms, and save money.

What services does care management provide?

At Maniya Health, the care management program provides various services, including:

Dedicated care manager

When you enroll in the care management program at Maniya Health, the team assigns you a dedicated care manager. Your care manager is a personal healthcare assistant who helps coordinate all of your medical needs, including checkups, referrals, blood work, transportation, and results.  

Your care manager also acts as a personal health coach. At each visit, they monitor your progress and make adjustments to your care plan to help you achieve long-term results.

Routine checkups

If you have two or more chronic conditions, it’s important to visit the doctor regularly. Routine checkups can alert you to potentially serious complications and monitor your symptoms over time. If necessary, your care manager can even make modifications to your treatment plan.


Labs are tests that analyze samples of your bodily fluids, like blood or urine. They’re an easy way to monitor underlying health problems that don’t present obvious symptoms, like high cholesterol, diabetes, and thyroid disorders.

Prescription medication

Many people living with chronic illnesses take one (or several) prescription drugs. Your care manager at Maniya Health can determine the type of medication that most benefits you. Over time, they can adjust the dosage as necessary or modify your treatment regimen.

Constant communication

Maniya Health believes you should have access to your care manager whenever you need it most. As a result, you can call or text your care manager at any time to ask questions, refill your prescriptions, or schedule an appointment. 

Does health insurance cover chronic care management?

Maniya Health only offers the care management program to people whose medical insurance covers its services. In some cases, insurance companies require patient cost-sharing.

If you have questions about your policy, contact your insurance provider before scheduling an appointment at Maniya Health.

To learn more about the chronic care management program, request a consultation at Maniya Health by calling the office or clicking the online booking feature today.